What People Say About Ramie Arian:

I almost never refer people without reservation, but Ramie stands out – I cannot say enough good things about him… A man with consummate depth and character… We have worked together on many projects, and I have seen how he became (and remains) a leader… someone people seek out for counsel. He listens well. He is a conscientious self-starter, and is gifted with administrative skills and planning ability… His camp experience taught him what most people never get – the art of programming. He has absolutely no ego needs, and likes people. He is just a nice guy – someone one likes to be around. In manner, he is thoughtful, has a sense of humor, and is loyal to a fault. He instills confidence because he can be counted on and because he builds a quiet presence wherever he works… He is mature. You can count on him absolutely… Ramie is a "class act," a gentle and wonderful man with intelligence, compassion and organizational gifts to boot... When he speaks, it is with quiet confidence. One gets used to respecting what he has to say.

Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman
Barbara and Stephen Friedman Professor of Liturgy, Worship, and Ritual

Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, New York NY


Ramie and I… worked closely together during his tenures at the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) and Young Judaea.  Over nearly two decades, I have come to know Ramie as a person of great warmth and integrity, a creative thinker, established Jewish educator, and accomplished fundraiser. While at the FJC, he conceived an innovative program to bring hundreds of Israeli children to North American Jewish summer camps during the second Intifada when American teen travel to Israel dropped precipitously. Ramie successfully solicited $1.5 million in grants from the Goldman Fund for the program over a two-year period. The Goldman Fund had not previously funded the FJC. While at Young Judaea, Ramie also successfully garnered $300,000 in grants from the Goldman Fund for Hamagshimim/YJ Impact programs. Once again, the Goldman Fund had not previously supported Young Judaea.

Dr. Debbie Findling, Deputy Director

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, San Francisco CA


As a leader, Ramie [is] visionary and very focused… As a manager, Ramie [is] inventive and effective. Projects were habitually completed on time and on budget. Young Judaea never exceeded its annual budget during his tenure. Staff were deployed effectively, and managed humanely. When cuts were required, Ramie was decisive and did what was required without hesitation, but with great sensitivity to the affected individuals. The staff who reported to him universally had respect for his leadership, for his accessibility, for his patience, for his guidance, and for his willingness and ability to help them navigate a complex organizational culture and bureaucracy… As a colleague, I [know] Ramie to be bright, a quick learner with a quick wit. He accepted guidance, feedback and criticism, but did not hesitate to “push back” when he felt it was warranted. Nor did he hesitate to offer guidance and feedback when needed.

Shelley Sherman, Coordinator for Young Judaea

Hadassah, New York NY


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